Kayaking with Eric Jackson

Here & Now

60 minutes 2008

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Here's a fun video!  Team Jackson Kayak has a blast in Newfoundland, Quebec and Niagara Gorge.  Young paddlers are featured - Nick Troutman (producer of this video), Rafael Ortiz, Dane Jackson, Evan Garcia, Jason Craig & Joel Kowalski.  The whitewater is big & beautiful, especially the run on the very illegal Niagara Gorge.  An entertaining and fairly heinous carnage section is included too!

Entertaining and visually impressive, this is also great inspiration for kids!





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EJ's River Running :: Basics

90 minutes 2005

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EJ does a great job of explaining the basic knowledge & moves for river running.  Filmed on the Tellico, North Chickamauga, Chattooga & Nantahala rivers, this video contains clear talk, good examples of features and techniques, and diagrams overlaid on the video.  The three sections include choosing equipment (with the focus on boats), features and techniques, and safety.  Master creeker Clay Wright handles the safety discussion, while world champion playboater and Olympic slalom competitor Eric Jackson handles the technique discussion.

Filmed & edited by Chris Emerick, it has his usual professional style.  The audio quality stands out head and shoulders above the lighting.

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EJ's River Running :: Advanced

45 minutes 2005

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This advanced river running video includes some pieces (like safety) from the basics video.  But it is intended for kayakers with some experience.  Topics include boofing, reading harder water, dealing with rocks, holes, long rapids, waterfalls and slides.  Filmed on North Chickamauga, Caney Fork, Tellico, Chattooga and Tallulah, the scenery makes this instructional as easy to watch as it is informative.


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Kent Ford's The River Runner's Edge


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EJ's Rolling & Bracing DVD Eric jackson


EJ's Rolling & Bracing

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A section on bracing as a first step towards the roll starts this video.  Then, Eric explains the 4 phases of a sweep roll succinctly with demonstrations by himself and Dane Jackson.  River and pool footage above & below the water make the steps perfectly clear.  If you can't roll after watching this video, you've got no excuse!  

Bonus tracks include a section about kayaking with kids along with interviews from Dane (10) and Emily (13).

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To roll an open canoe:
  The Open Canoe Roll


EJ's Advanced Playboating

Retail $29.95 Yours for $19.95

50 minutes - 2003


EJ's Advanced Playboating Eric Jackson


EJ's Advanced Playboating Basics DVD Eric Jackson Kayak Instruction



Check Out EJ's books too:
Playboating Moves & Training
Whitewater Paddling Strokes & Concepts

EJ's Playboating Basics

Retail $29.95  Yours for $26.95

DVD Only

50 minutes - 2003

This is the new version!  (I haven't updated the picture yet)  Filmed on the Nile and Zambezi in Chris Emerick's usual excellent style, EJ, Clay Wright, Jessie Stone, Steve Fisher, and Jay Kincaid teach the basic moves of playboating.  This video includes:

Front Surfing
Clean Spinning
Back Surfing
Control in the hole
Kick Flips



with Eric Jackson
strokes, concepts and bombproofing your roll

Playing in the Backyard
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over 90 minutes 2002

Filmed by Chris Emerick entirely in the jungles of Ecuador, this video has gorgeous scenery.  But the scenery is just a backdrop to EJ's instruction.  As the title says, it covers strokes and concepts as well as a ton of drills to improve your paddling.  This tape has something for everyone from beginners to advanced paddlers.

Check Out EJ's books too:
Playboating Moves & Training
Whitewater Paddling Strokes & Concepts


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 Kayaking with Eric Jackson Strokes Concepts and Bombproofing your Roll


VHS ($25.95)


DVD (27.95)


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