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Retail $29.95 // Your Price - $26.95

150 minutes 2006

This is a five part, comprehensive instructional video designed to meet the many challenges of whitewater kayaking.  Shot entirely in HD, it is actually 5 complete videos in one DVD.  It includes:
Boat Control Video
Water Reading Video
River Running Video
Rolling Video
Safety Video





Nitty Gritty
The down 'n dirty of playboating

Retail $29.95 // Your Price - $26.95

55 minutes 2002

This excellent instructional video is designed to bring a beginning playboater up to speed.  Starting with fundamentals and drills to improve strength and balance, Joe Holt and Brad Burden move on to flatwater moves including the flatwater loop (floop), rock moves like splatwheels, wave moves including aerial blunts, and hole moves.  They also thoroughly cover the back deck roll.



Bonus - DVD version includes "Just Add Water" - instruction from the early days of whitewater rodeo.

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Nitty Gritty Playboating Kayak Freestyle Instruction



Grace Under Pressure Learning The Kayak Roll




Grace Under Pressure

Learning the Kayak Roll 

- 47 minutes

Retail $29.95 // Your Price - $26.95

This entertaining and effective instructional video is an excellent tool in learning how to roll a kayak.  This video demonstrates a step by step breakdown of the paddle roll and teaches the secret of the hand roll.  Also included are helpful hints on learning the off-side roll, an insightful look at bracing, and how to do all of this in whitewater.

The DVD version includes a section on the sweep roll and an update for modern planing hull kayaks.  There is also some more bonus material such as bloopers from the original version.

A great book that covers the roll:
The Bombproof Roll and Beyond!

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Mastering the Basics

47 minutes

Retail - $29.95 // Your Price - $26.95

This video gives an in-depth look at the skills required for mastering whitewater kayaking.  It was designed to be used with Grace Under Pressure, and therefore does not include any roll instruction.  However, it does include strokes, eddy turns, peel outs, ferries, water reading, wet exit, swimming in whitewater, and the eskimo rescue.  Perfect for the beginner or intermediate.  The most comprehensive tape for learning to kayak.

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Kayak 101 Basic Kayak Instruction


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Just add water

Instant Rodeo Star

35 minutes

Discontinued - Now included on Nitty Gritty DVD

Learn the cool hole riding moves.  This tape will teach you: surfing, back surfing, enders, pirouettes, 360's, McTwists, Whip-its and cartwheels.  This video is loaded with tons of action and some really fun special effects. For either the first time surfer or for the veteran shredder, Just Add Water is a valuable reference tool for improving your playboating skills

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From Here to There

Canoe Basics

68 minutes

Retail - $29.95 //  Your Price - $26.95

An excellent learning tool for novice through intermediate paddler.  This video features extensive strokes progression on a lake including combination strokes.  Strokes are then applied on the river with an in-depth presentation of eddy turns, peel outs and ferries. Tandem paddling, water reading and scouting, balance and boat edging, swimming in whitewater and river safety are also included.

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