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Most of us won't even have one paddling expedition like these.  Ben Stookesbury and Jesse Coombs do 3 or 4 per year!


Kadoma Trailer


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Kadoma tells the story of Ben and Chris Korbulic's ill-fated expedition to the Congo, where trip leader Hendri Coetzee was killed by a crocodile in December 2010.  Although the scenery and whitewater are world class, they take a back seat to this tragic story.

Hendri Coetzee Article

Greeley Tribune Article

Oregon Live Article





Hotel Charley V.5
First Descent

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Here is another great expedition video from Ben & Jesse as they search for more first descents.  Starting with the deepest canyon in North America, they pioneer the Rio Piaxtla.  The remote, tightly cliffed out canyon makes this an extremely dangerous undertaking.  Next up is a 50 day journey through the Indian Himalayans followed by the pursuit of the largest kayakable waterfalls in the world in Brazil.  The danger and excitement are palpable throughout this well made film as well as the stunning, world class scenery.



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Hotel Charley 4
At Your Own Risk

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Pedro's controversial 127 foot vertical waterfall, Pakistan's Rondus Gorge of the Indus, first descents in California & hucking huge waterfalls in Brazil.  Nicely shot & edited, there is glorious scenery, tough whitewater, and carnage!  The logistics of adventuring in Pakistan are interesting also.

"The issue is not  the pourover.  The issue is  the pourover above the pourover above the pourover to get to the pourover below the pourover to make the move."


Hotel Charley 3

The Lost World

80 minutes 2008

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Extreme paddling expeditions to British Columbia, Newfoundland, India and Brazil in search of the Lost World that exists in unexplored river canyons.  The film chronicles not only some of the biggest drops ever run in a kayak, but also the extreme circumstances and conditions that surrounded these far-flung descents of epic proportions.

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Hotel Charley 2

River of Doubt

80 minutes 2007

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Spectacular footage from amazing places!  The deep slot canyons on the jungle gorges of Veracruz Mexico are my favorite.  Nothing gets your attention more than running waterfalls blind in an inescapable vertical walled gorge!  More exploratory runs are documented in Columbia, Costa Rica and India.  Great stories and eye candy from a cast of now big names!



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Hotel Charley

No Big Names 4
58 minutes 2006
Retail $29.95 Yours for $26.95

Ben Stookesbury brings us this artistically mixed destination video with a very personable feel.  He shares with us the difficulty of getting to almost inaccessible canyons in Columbia (Medellin), Brazil, and Mexico (Chiapas).  But he also shares the rewards of these spectacular and uniquely beautiful places.  Besides the fantastic river footage, Ben has added local color, on-scene commentary, drinking with Josh Bechtel & Tao and some Brazilian belly boating on big drops (weird).  Bonus footage includes a tutorial on a nice rope technique for ascensions. 

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Chasing the White Demon 

No Big Names 3
Retail $29.95 Yours for $24.95

Even better than NBN2, this video features some great video quality and professional editing.  Some fairly heinous waterfall carnage starts the video.  But soon we spend time in some inaccessible gorges in California (like Upper Cherry Creek) and then off to South America!  First descents and beautiful scenery  in Colombia, Chile and Argentina make this special.  And here's something different... 2 man raft runs of big waterfalls and class 5 rapids!  




Retail $24.95   Yours for $22.95

54 minutes 2003

This will made, narrated video covers a journey from Oregon to Mexico.  Along the way, you'll see exquisite scenery, big waterfalls, tight, difficult rapids and local color in Mexico.  Of course, the boating is mostly kayaks, but there are a number of extreme runs made in a 2 man raft.  And, something unique!.. A run on Celestial Falls while riding pool toys, a killer whale & a mako shark!  There are great runs, dangerous carnage, and a run in with the Zapatistas in Mexico.

Runs included:

Oregon Salmon, OR
North Fork Rogue, OR
Celestial Falls, OR
Fantasy Falls, CA
Middle Fork Kings, CA
Royal Gorge, CA
Rio Valle, San Luis Patosi, Mexico
Rio Verde, San Luis Patosi, Mexico
Rio Alseseca, Veracruz, Mexico
Upper Rio Alseseca, Veracruz, Mexico
Rio Xico, Veracruz, Mexico
Rio Copalita, Oaxaca, Mexico
Rio Jatate, Chiapas, Mexico
Rio Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico

No Big Names II Kayaking Video





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 No Big Names Kayak Video


No Big Names

Retail $24.99  Yours for $22.95

45 minutes 2002

As promised in the title, there are no big name boaters in this one.  Nevertheless, they travel the world while boating some really big stuff in Colorado, California, Oregon, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand.  Videography is mostly very good.  And, best of all, the locations are titled on screen.  Also, there is a symbol on screen when the boater is a woman, and there is a short segment featuring a remarkable man.  Greg Mallory lost the use of his legs while skiing, but it doesn't stop him from boating big stuff.  There is visible safety set on many drops and some impressive carnage.

Runs:  Salmon River, Rio Claro, Rio Palguin, Rio Manso, Rio Anco, Rio Llancahue, Rio Fui, Rio Gol Gol, Yule Creek, Scone Creek, Upper Whitcombe, Upper Daisy Creek, Vallecito, North Fork Crystal, NFMF Williamette, Benham Falls, Hunter Creek, Briggs Creek, West Branch Feather, Scott River Drainage, Rock Creek, Spanish Creek, Indian Creek Falls, Red Clover Creek, Forgetful Falls, Upper McCloud



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