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Paddler's Personal Trainer

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54 Minutes


Everyone who uses a paddle is at risk to injure the shoulders.  This tape will help you become stronger and more flexible, reducing this risk, and making you a safer and more effective boater.  Includes help for kayak and canoe paddlers.  It includes a full flexibility workout, shoulder strength exercises focusing on rotator cuff, and a pre-boating session.

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Paddler's Personal Trainer - Exercise video for kayakers

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Essential Boat Control - Kayak Instructional Video

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Essential Boat Control

Retail $29.95 - Your Cost - $27.95
58 minutes

Winner of 1998 NPFF Professional Instruction/Safety Category

Created for the intermediate to expert paddler, this video starts off with the foundation of solid boating skills.  More cool info and thought provoking techniques than you can possibly absorb in one sitting.  An hour of cutting edge instruction, fantastic footage (shot in the U.S., Honduras and Australia) and cool original music.  Unique "point of view" camera angle gives you the paddler's perspective from the boat.

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The Adventures of Johny Utah
66 minutes

Winner of 1997 Best of NPFF & Paddler's Choice Award

Find it here: http://vimeo.com/user753734/vod_pages

Filmed on the Narrows of the Green River, NC, this tape contains interviews and wild camera angles of Gorilla, Sunshine & all the other big drops of the Green.

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Johnny Johny Utah - Green River Narrows Kayaing Video

Want to see more of the Green?
Playing in the Back Yard

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