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Instruction in the art of canoeing both whitewater & flatwater

Catch Every Eddy
Surf Every Wave

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261 pages - 1995

Everything from reading whitewater to group dynamics are covered in this whitewater paddling instructional.  Canoes, C1s and kayaks are covered, much of it without reference to the type of boat or paddle used.  Other chapters discuss specifics to each craft.  Rescue techniques and rolling is also covered in depth.  This is a comprehensive book from which everyone can learn something.



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C&K Canoeing Book

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Bill Mason
Solo Playboating (Whitewater)
Drill Time (Whitewater)
Tales of the Paddlesnake

Canoe & Kayak Techniques


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60  Pages 1998

Twenty Nine instructional articles compiled from issues of Canoe & Kayak magazine.  Articles run the gamut from strokes and techniques to rescue and portaging.  Different perspectives are represented by Kent Ford, Laurie Gullion, John Shepard, and Bruce Morser.



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64 pages 1997

Written by master instructor Kent Ford, this book describes 100 drills, tips, and hints to improve your canoe paddling.  Pictures, clear descriptions, and inset hints make this book useful and easy to read.


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Kent Ford Solo Playboating Book

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Solo Playboating (Whitewater)
Drill Time (Whitewater)

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