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Rick Gusic's famous videos starring Floyd Turbo & Corn Anderson.  Also, Youghoigheny Falls



45 Minutes 2002

Won Paddler's Choice at 2002 NPFF

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Once again, another winner from Rick Gusic & Buzzellmania.  Winner of the 2002 NPFF Paddler's Choice Award.

Corn Anderson vs. Corran, Floyd Turbo vs. Eli Helbert.  Ugly Carnage!  Lots of funny stuff.  This is a really fun tape!



Thunderballs The Return of Team C - Rick Gusic Buzzellmania

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Silent Thunder The Legend of Team C Rick Gusic Buzzellmania


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the legend of team C

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Winner of the 1999 Paddler's Choice award at the NPFF, this video includes some decent and some terrible paddling which produce some fantastic carnage.   The members of Team C travel the US showing off their skills at being pummeled by surfing huge holes, running big drops, and swimming long rapids.  A parody of all the sponsored tapes, this tape is funny and really entertaining.

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Grin Factor 10
The 1999 Ohiopyle Race


This is the documentary along with the teasing of the officials, and the exquisite carnage one would expect from this crowded but extreme race on the falls of the Lower Youghiogheny.

Pretend there's a picture here of someone running the Falls at the Lower Yough... badly!


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