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 Long Live A Free Magpie

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52 minutes 2005

The Magpie River in Canada is currently threatened by a dam project.  This video documents the first complete run of an endangered section  of this exceptional river by some of the top paddlers in the world.  Join Steve Fisher, Brandon Mark, Chris McDermott, Tyler Curtis, Vincent Dupont, Chad & Joey Hitchins, and Jose Rodriguez on a 4 day trip down this extreme river.  Every bit the destination as the Futulafu, White Nile or Zambesi, this river video explores the Magpie's potential for big water play, adrenaline packed drops, peaceful pristine flatwater, and  big, runnable waterfalls.  The videography, paddling and scenery are all spectacular!

Help save the Magpie.  Proceeds go to Rivers Foundation.




A Glorious Way To Die

DVD & VHS - $24.95

52 Minutes

Worth every penny of it's price, this is a professionally done documentary on the insane Russian paddlers.  They make their own dry suits, life jackets, and raft bladders from parts scavenged from old airplanes & tractors.  Then they drive to the mountains of Siberia, hike this gear in with tools and provisions for 2 or 3 weeks on the water.  They cut trees and build the catarafts on site. 

Then, they paddle some of the most heinous whitewater on earth...  High volume, Class 5 & 6 inside steep rock canyons.  And they don't all survive.  These rivers kill over 50 rafters each season.

This is the video that shows that most bizarre and manly raft - the Russian Bublik!

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A Glorious Way to Die Russian Video of the Bublik in Siberia

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