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The Canoe Movie

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Interviews with canoeing greats Nolan Whitesell, Eli Helbert, Dave Simpson and more expose the manly sport of single blade open boat paddling from a SouthEastern perspective.  Lots of OC1 footage from great canoeing rivers in the SouthEast and Mexico are mixed with the unique characters that inhabit the canoe world.




Amongst It

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A nicely edited piece of documentary eye candy!  New Zealand, California, Norway and British Columbia are all chronicled featuring the Perth, Rauma, Homathko rivers and Big Kimshew Creek.

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7 Rivers Expedition

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Documenting an expedition to run seven multi-day class 5+ runs in one season, this video is, for the most part, eye candy.  Rock candy at that.  The videography is excellent.  And the combination of the huge bare rock and clear water in California makes for some truly spectacular scenery.  The seven rivers are: Dinkey, Fantasy Falls, Royal Gorge, Upper Cherry, Middle San Joaquin, Middle Kings, and Grand Canyon Tuolumne.

Daniel DeLaVergne, Nikki Kelly, Fred Coriell, Toby McDermott, Tommy Hilleke, Nate Helms, Pat Keller, Tanya Faux, John Grace.



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