Whitewater kayak instruction from Ken Whiting, Nicole Whiting & Anna Levesque

Ken Whiting & Chris Emerick


Knots to Know


Retail $14.95  Yours for $13.95

Paddlers need a variety of knots to tie boats & gear on racks, to trees, and to each other.   The trucker's hitch by itself is not enough.  So, here is a DVD with a plethora of useful knots and hitches clearly and concisely described.  You'll learn about:

Tying things together with Reef, Granny, Figure 8, Water & Fisherman's knots

Tying something up with Cow & Clove Hitches

Tying to something with Bowline, Noose & Alpine Butterfly

And other techniques like Truckers Hitch & Prusik







90 minutes 2008

Retail $19.95  Yours for $18.95

Andrew Westwood teaches basic skills to beginners and helps more experienced paddlers hone their skills in this flatwater instructional.

Learn about:
Equipment & how to use it
Essential strokes & techniques
Offside & advanced strokes
How to paddle tandem & solo
Capsize recovery methods & safety issues



Rolling A Kayak:

 50 minutes 2008

Retail $26.95  Yours for $24.95

Targeted at both novice and more experienced kayakers, this is a comprehensive, clear & concise guide to perfecting the whitewater kayak roll.

You'll learn:
About the equipment
Fundamental Skills
C-to-C & Sweep Rolls
Tips for teaching the roll
Offside, Hand, Back Deck & Dry Head Rolls
Rolling in current, waves & holes
Common errors & their solutions







Rolling A Kayak
Sea Kayak

 50 minutes 2008

Retail $26.95  Yours for $23.95

Targeted at both novice and more experienced sea kayakers, this is a comprehensive, clear & concise guide to perfecting the sea kayak roll.

You'll learn:
About the equipment
Fundamental Skills
C-to-C, Sweep & Pawlata Rolls
Tips for teaching the roll
Offside, Hand & Back Deck Rolls
Rolling in rough water, currents & surf
Common errors & their solutions



Recreational Kayaking for Women







The Essential Skills and Safety


Retail $29.95  Yours for $26.95

This video provides new and developing paddlers with the skills and knowledge necessary to comfortably and safely enjoy kayaking.

Whether your interest in kayaking stems from the desire to get outside and spend time with your friends and family or to explore the endless waterways that surround you, this DVD is a must-have for every kayaker.

You'll learn about choosing equipment, dressing for kayaking, transporting a kayak, caring for a kayak, essential strokes and techniques, how to stay safe on the water, kayaking activities, handling a capsize, and more.

Want to learn to roll it?
Rolling A Kayak
The Kayak Roll



Whitewater Kayaking for Women

Retail $29.95  Yours for $26.95

This combo video includes both of the videos Girls at Play and Whitewater Kayaking Basics for Women





Click the pic to see the back:



Sea Kayaking
The Ultimate Guide

Retail $29.95 Yours for $26.95


Ken Whiting teams up with expert sea kayaker, Alex Matthews in this four part comprehensive instructional DVD.  This (almost 2 hour long) video includes virtually everything you need to know as a sea kayaker from equipment, transportation, strokes, techniques, rolling, surfing, etiquette, safety, navigation and weather.

Check out the first action sea kayak video - This Is The Sea.


Whitewater Kayaking Basics for Women
(Girls at Play 2)

Retail $29.95 Yours for $26.95


World Freestyle Medalist Anna Levesque helps both beginners and experienced paddlers gain confidence and skills.  Focused on the skills and mindset of women, this is a must have video for a new female kayaker.  A 25 minute Yoga workout is also included.  Filmed by Chris Emerick in his usual excellent style.

Now included on Whitewater Kayaking for Women




Girls at Play Women Kayaking Instructional

DVD Only  DVD Only

 Girls at Play 

Retail $29.95 Yours for $18.95


This is a kayak instructional for and from a woman's perspective.  Brought to  you by five time Canadian Freestyle Team member and World Freestyle Medalist Anna Levesque, this includes interviews and hints from top female kayakers like Erica Mitchell, Tanya Shuman, and Tiffany Manchester.  This video helps women improve their freestyle and river running by working on Edge Control, Balance, Timing, and Upper Body Positioning.  But it also includes discussion advice and demonstrations of Yoga, women's gear, boat design, outfitting and attitude.

$.50 of each video goes to American Whitewater also!




with Ken Whiting

Retail $29.95  Yours for $27.95

As the sequel to Play Daze, this is a step by step guide to ALL playboating moves.  It includes: surfing, spinning, squirting, double pumps, stalls, cartwheels, clean cartwheels, splitwheels, aerial loops, flatwater loops, trickywhus, blunts, air screws, pan ams, helixes, some great practice drills and much more.




Playboating with Ken Whiting


Whitewater Kayaking
with Ken Whiting

DVD Only!

Your Cost $27.95

Now you can enjoy Liquid Skills and SOAR together on one DVD with chapter menu access.  The picture quality and scenery is gorgeous on the VHS, and is even more so on the DVD.

DVD      DVD


Whitewater Kayaking with Ken Whiting SOAR & Liquid Skills on DVD


Liquid Skills Ken Whiting Instruction


 Liquid Skills 

Retail $29.95 Yours for $26.95

70 minutes 2001

Created by Ken Whiting & Chris Emerick, this is a 2 part video.  The first 45 minutes covers the necessary strokes and skills need for all aspects of boating with the latest breed of boats.  The second section covers playboating.

The video quality is extremely good.  The instruction is clearly conveyed with demonstrations of the moves and strokes.

Check out some related books:
E.J.'s Strokes & Concepts Book
E.J.'s Playboating Book
Ken Whiting's Playboater's Handbook


Skills On All Rivers

Retail $29.95 Yours for $27.95

50+ Minutes

SOAR is an instructional video for intermediate to advanced paddlers that covers the skills that are needed for all types of river running while using the newer boat designs. Ken covers the 3 Golden Rules of whitewater paddling, polishing your strokes, big water skills, creek boating skills, advanced river running technique, and even some safety. Top kayakers Tyler Curtis, Kevin Varette, and Simone French joined Ken Whiting and Chris Emerick for filming this past winter in Africa and New Zealand. 



SOAR Skills on all rivers Ken Whiting




Play Daze Ken Whiting Playboat Instruction

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Play Daze

Retail $29.95 Yours for $26.95

42 minutes

The current World Freestyle Champion, Ken Whiting teaches freestyle paddling technique.  This video is really well  made and informative with fantastic video quality.  Play Daze provides paddlers of all levels the skills needed to take advantage of today's playboats.  Topics covered include:
Front & Back Surfing more effectively
Spinning on smaller waves
Linking Endless Cartwheels
Wave Wheels
Kick Flips

Get the Playboater's Handbook also

Sponsored by (among others) Wavesport

The Playboater's Handbook

Retail $14.95  Yours for $10.50

150 pages

This book is a compilation of the freestyle techniques that Ken Whiting has perfected in the last 10 years.  Photos & illustrations accompany a detailed breakdown of each move.  The handbooks covers such freestyle skills as front surfing, 360's, flat spinning, stern squirts and pirouettes, cartwheels, rock 360's, splats, airwheels, and much more.  Feature articles written by Ken and kayak design guru Bob McDonough are also included, on such topics as choosing the right playboat and paddle.

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Book: The Playboaters Handbook Ken Whiting









Full Circle

Retail $29.95 Yours for $26.95


This is Chris Emerick's vacation tape, I think.  And what a vacation it is.  He circles the world paddling in New Zealand, Africa, North America, and Norway.  Excellent boating and video in an entertaining tape. 


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