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River Surfing 101

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In this 2 disk set, Corran provides instruction on the new sport of board surfing on rivers.  Using a special surf board, one can surf big waves on freshwater rivers just like the big waves on the ocean.  Except that a river wave stays there for as long as you can stay up.  Pretty girls in bikinis demonstrate the moves and techniques required.  Filmed beautifully mostly on the Saint Lawrence, there is even a nice music video section.




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Retail $29.95  Yours for $26.95


If you want to learn to get big air on the waves and holes, this is the instructional video for you!  Corran provides clear and concise instruction on each of these aerial moves:

Air Blunt

Clean Blunt

Cracker Jack

Back Stab


Big Mac

Pan Am

Air Screw

Misty Flip


Chapters on choosing the right equipment, establishing control, visualization and recovery are also included. 

Guys will enjoy his babelicious intro, too!



Legend of the Falls

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Corran Addison presents this well done steep creek instructional.  Sections include a discussion of equipment needed on serious expeditions and a concise and complete hand signal language.  He describes how to read water and rapids and deduce what may lie in the landing zone based on the geology and character of the river.  There is also a description and discussion of the "Addison Scale" of river rating - very educational whether or not the scale becomes a standard.

This video is made in typical Corran style - immodest, self promoting and in your face.  But, he is unquestionably qualified to deliver this straight talk about the dangers and techniques in creek running.  This video is a uniquely valuable addition to any kayaker's library.

Available in DVD only



Legend of the Falls Creek Kayak Instruction from Corran Addison




End Game - Corran's vacation tape

End Game

Retail $24.95  Yours for $15.95

104 minutes 2003

This adventure video is basically Corran's vacation tape.  But a vacation for Corran includes some really great boating venues.   They start in Corsica, move to first descents in Italy, on to Russia, surf kayaking in Hawaii, and some extreme paddling in Canada.  The dialogue and silly stuff mixed into this very well edited video break up the whitewater and keep the video interesting.

DVD Version



Searching for the Pro State

Retail $29.95 Yours for $26.95

45 minutes

Another creative work from TJ Walker, this one is a freestyle instructional with the latest moves.  Narrated by Corran Addisson, with the moves primarily demonstrated by Steve Fisher, this fast paced tape covers a pile of moves.

It starts with things you can do in dynamic or static water, like WhirlyBirds, Party Trick, Zero to Hero.  Then they move on to exciting aerial moves like Air Blunts, Back Stabs, Aerial Flips.  Then on to Super Moves and Pan Am.

TJ's fancy graphics make it interesting as well as informative.

Searching for the Pro State - Kayak Instruction from Corran Addison

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Kayaker's Little Book of Wisdom  

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Channel Surfing - Corran

Channel Surfing


Creative editing and lots of interviews make this a very different tape.  Of course, there's also some great paddling on creeks as well as big waves.

Check Out Corran's book

Kayaker's Little Book of Wisdom  



Wicked Liquid II
(Wicked Liquid 2)

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30 Minutes

It's in stock and it's awesome.  It's filmed on the White Nile, Zambesi, and some other really cool waterfalls.  Huge water, people playing in gigantic holes, big waterfalls, and gorgeous scenery.

Check out the demo (1.8MB Intel 5 AVI)

Here's a different demo (1MB mpg)

Wicked Liquid II Zambezi Africa Kayaking


Wicked Liquid Zambesi Kayaking Video

Download 2.3MB AVI Demo

Wicked Liquid

List 25.00 Yours for $23.95

25 minutes

The HUGE whitewater on the Zambesi.

Some of the finest play boating footage in the world on one of the most spectacular rivers in the world, the Zambezi.  Surfing, cartwheels, wavewheels, splitwheels, and blunts on some of the largest whitewater on this planet.  Includes a guide to the river & some great raft wipeouts.







Bad Lil' Monkey Films

Searching for the "Gee" Spot

Retail $29.95 Yours for $26.95

Corran Addison explains how to make the latest freestyle and rodeo moves.  Lots of moves explained well and demonstrated.  Flat spins, Wave Wheels, Cartwheels, Freewheels, Green wave side surfing, splitwheels, and lots more are explained.

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Searching for the Gee Spot - Playboating Instruction


Check Out Corran's book
Kayaker's Little Book of Wisdom  

Check Out some Playboating Books:
E.J.'s Playboating Book
Ken Whiting's Playboater's Handbook



Operation Zulu - African Kayaking

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  Out of Print

Operation Zulu

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Since it is not just sponsored, but actually produced by Riot Kayaks, this tape shows exclusively Riot boats.  However, it has some really special footage of freewheels off huge waterfalls and surfing on some monstrous turbulent waves.  Lots of footage of freestyle moves and big volume waterfalls.  The final sequence is on the Zambezi river in Africa.  Good music, great footage, professional editing in a cheap box.


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