Rush Sturges & Tyler Bradt Present




Dream Result

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?? minutes 2010

This fine DVD starts with a trip down the Stikine.  There's lots of talk about the joys of  a spartan kayaking lifestyle while they surf some monster waves.  The time lapse videography is really cool as they move to the very cold land of Iceland for some big drops.  Next it's off to the glorious drops and scenery of Chile.  Norway is visited by a 15 year old Tyler Bradt. Then comes the big stuff - a broken back on Salto Bonito - and the really big one..... a World Record that will stand for a while - 186 ft Palouse Falls.

Tyler Bradt
Rush Sturges
Steve Fisher
Lane Jacobs
Ben Brown
Patrick Cambliln
Ian & Evan Garcia
Ben Marr
Marianne Saether



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