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River descriptions, places to paddle, playboating, etc.

The Best Whitewater in California

Holbeck & Stanley 345 pages 1998


180 California runs in the Coastal Range, and the Sierras from North to South.

California possesses the largest, most diverse concentration of accessible high quality whitewater in the world, and Chuck Stanley and Lars Holbeck, two of the country's premiere whitewater boaters, have written a guide to the best of it.  This is a good read and must have guidebook if you're paddling in California.



North Carolina Rivers & Creeks

Leland Davis 224 pages 2005


This is the guidebook to measure all guidebooks against.  Huge two page full color pictures, descriptions, shuttle directions and difficulty ratings and a few stories.  A few first descent pictures are included like Steve Frazier on Compression Falls & Corran Addison on Looking Glass Falls.

101 whitewater runs and playspots in North Carolina and just over the borders in Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina are described and pictured.  Over 400 color photos and 28 maps make this pleasant on the eyes, while tons of detail feed the mind.




 A Guide to the  
Chattooga River 

Butch Clay - 64 pages - 1995

Retail $9.95 - Yours for $8.95

This informative book describes the Chattooga area's history, flora and fauna.  It delves into the geology and physical nature.  History from the time of the Cherokee through the excessive logging and abuse of the land in the early 1900's up to it's designation as "Wild and Scenic" is covered.  Also discussed is the native animal, fish, bird, and plant life.  This is a good book for anyone interested in the area.

For a video river guide of the Chattooga and its tributaries - Deliver Me From The Paddlesnake

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Chattooga River Guidebook to the Chattooga


Chattooga Wild & Scenic River Guidebook



 Wild and Scenic River

Retail $9.95 - Yours for $ 8.95

Brian A Boyd - Third Edition- 128 pages 2001

This excellent book is a guide to hiking and paddling the Chattooga.  It includes history, flora and fauna, and much other interesting information.  The coverage of trails on all the sections from the lake to the headwaters and tributaries is quite comprehensive.  It even includes horse trails.  Many pictures are included as well as directions to some of the many waterfalls in the area.


To see a comprehensive video guide to paddling the Chattooga and it's tributaries see:
Deliver Me From The Paddlesnake


New York Exposed The Whitewater State Volume 2 Guidebook

New York Exposed
The Whitewater State
Volume 2

Retail $19.95 - Yours for $17.95

Dennis Squires - 272 pages 2003

This guidebook has a downhome feel to it.  It covers 93 runs from class 2 to 5+.  Like volume 1, this is a no frills, but informative and useful guidebook to New York.  There is also a section on first descents to be had.

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New York Exposed
The Whitewater State
Volume 1

Retail $19.95 - Yours for $17.95

Dennis Squires - 218 pages 2002

This guidebook has a downhome feel to it.  It covers 67 steep creeks including popular runs like the Moose, Beaver and Raquette as well as more obscure ones.  This is a no frills, but informative and useful guidebook to New York.

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New York Exposed The Whitewater State Volume 1 Guidebook


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Paddling Oregon Guidebook Book


Retail $19.95 - Yours for $16.95

Robb Keller - 470 pages 1998

Over 100 streams are covered in this excellent guidebook.  The usual descriptions and shuttle directions are augmented with monthly flow charts, gradient charts and pictures.



Paddling Illinois
64 Great Trips by Canoe and Kayak

Retail $18.95 - Yours for $17.45

2000 - Mike Svob

This extremely detailed guidebook covers 64 stretches of 33 rivers and streams in Illinois.  The runs covered are relatively easy up to class 3.  Many of the descriptions include interesting insets about local history, geology, or sights to see.

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Paddling Illinois Guidebook Book


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Canoeing Michigan Rivers Guidebook Book


 Michigan Rivers

A Comprehensive Guide to 45 Rivers

Retail $14.95 - Yours for $13.95

Jerry Dennis and Craig Date
Revised Edition 2001

This detailed guidebook includes rivers from class 1 to class 4.  It's detailed descriptions include fishing information, adjacent parks, and, of course, all the usual access, maps and mileage information.  The pictures are distinctly old school open boating, but the info is very current.


Paddling Minnesota

Retail $14.95 - Yours for $11.95

Greg Breining
373 pages 1999

This comprehensive list of paddling waters was made with the assistance of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  It includes everything from sea kayak trips on lakes to class 5 whitewater.

Watch some Minnesota Whitewater:
Free Flow

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Paddling Minnesota Guidebook Book




Montane Surf Guidebook Book

Montana Surf

Out of Stock
By Nick Turner, Matt Wilson, & Russ Fry
262 pages - 2001

Descriptions and pictures of 62 runs in Montana (including a handful near Montana).  A color photo section includes some great pictures.  Even Yellowstone runs are included in this comprehensive and entertaining guidebook. 




Whitewater Treasures of the New & Gauley

Retail $14.95 - Yours for $13.95

By BJ & Katie Johnson
85 pages - 2001

This guidebook by the famous steep creekers of Falling Down Productions covers a number of runs in West Virginia:
New River
New River Dries
Glade/Mann's Creek
Real Mann's Creek
Keeney's Creek
Mill Creek
Laurel Creek
Upper Gauley
Lower Gauley
Lower Meadow
and short descriptions of a number of others.  It includes really steep heinous creeks as well as playspots.

Click on a run to go to a video that shows it.

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Book:  WhitewaterTreasures of the New and Gauley Guidebook



Book: Canadian Rockies Whitewater - The Southern Rockies Guidebook

See Stuart Smith on the river:
Still Twitch'n & Twitch TV

Canadian Rockies Whitewater
The Southern Rockies

Retail $26.95  Yours for $23.95

312 pages - 1995

This is the first of Stuart Smith's detailed and comprehensive guidebooks to the Canadian Rockies.  125 runs are described in detail including lots of useful info like maps, gauges, gradient profiles, etc.  There are also entertaining trip reports included with the runs.  This is a really excellent guidebook.

  Out of Print


Canadian Rockies Whitewater
The Central Rockies

Retail $26.95  Yours for $23.95

336 pages - 1996

Stuart Smith has created an excellent guidebook to the Central Canadian Rockies.  This book contains 125 different runs including maps, gradient charts, where to find flow info, camping info, character and obviously, a description of the run.  A very detailed book, we should have one like this for every region!

  Out of Print


Book: Canadian Rockies Whitewater The Central Rockies Guidebook

Stuart Smith on the river:
Still Twitch'n & Twitch TV


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= Book: A Canoeing & Kayaking Gude to West Virginia - was Wildwater West Virginia Guidebook

There's lots of West Virginia video in:
Fallin Down
Wet Ones
Also, check out WW Treasures of the New & Gauley

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Wildwater West Virginia has been renamed!

A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to West Virginia

30th Anniversary Edition

Retail $16.95 - Yours for $14.95

283 pages - 5th Edition

The encyclopedia of West Virginia Rivers and streams.  First published in 1972, it's been updated many times since then.  The latest edition includes 139 runnable rivers and creeks including descriptions, maps, put-ins, take-outs, etc.  Started long ago as a notebook by Paul Davidson, this latest version was revised by Charlie Walbridge with input from Bobby Miller and Turner Sharp.  The runs include class 1 sections of the Cheat up to Class 5++ like Deckers.

This is the guide for West Virginia - Whitewater Mecca!



The Playboater's Guide to IDAHO

Retail $19.95 Yours for $17.95

42 of Idaho's best playspots are described in this detailed book.  Piles of information including directions, parking, type of ride, levels, gauges, etc. are packed into this useful book.  If you're going to play in Idaho, this book is for you!


Wanna see some playboating in action?
The Players
Searching for the Gee Spot
Searching to the ProState
Wicked Liquid

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Book: Playboaters Guide to Idaho Guidebook



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Book: Appalachian Wildwater The Southern States Guidebook

Check out videos of these rivers:

Little River Canyon
Chattooga River

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Appalachian Whitewater

The Southern States

Retail $17.95  Yours for $16.95

Fourth Edition 278 Pages 2000

Besides the great picture of that awesome open boater on the cover, this book is packed with good information including maps, shuttle directions, and rapid descriptions.  63 different rivers are covered from Alabama to Maryland, and they're all great runs.  Classics like the Chattooga, Gauley, and Youghiogheny are covered along with lesser known rivers like the Cranberry and Little River Canyon.  Easier rivers like the Chattahoochee are included along with hard ones like the Russell Fork. 



Appalachian Whitewater

The Northern States

Retail $17.95  Yours for $15.95

This excellent guidebook covers 72 runs from West Virginia to Maine.  The companion to Appalachian Whitewater The Southern States, the books overlap coverage of West Virginia and Maryland.  This book has maps, gauges, shuttle directions, rapid descriptions, and loads of other useful info.  Treat it like a catalog of all the rivers you'd like to run!


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Book: Appalachian Wildwater The Northern States Guidebook



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Book: A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to the Streams of Kentucky Guidebook

A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to the streams of

Retail $14.95 - Yours for $11.95
318 pages - 1994 6th edition 2001

An excellent guidebook that includes the usual descriptions, maps, etc, but also includes ratings for rescue capability.  Most of the streams are class I - III, but this book includes harder stuff like the Cumberland river, and the Russell Fork.


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