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Event Videos

Videos made specifically to cover some event like a whitewater race or other competition.

Viva Sort!

Retail $28.95  Yours for $24.95
42 minutes
Coming Soon

The 2001 World Freestyle competition.  All the winning paddlers and all the latest moves are included along with interviews of E.J. Jackson, Erica Mitchell, Eric Southwick, Deb Pinninger, Brook Winger, and Paul "Cheesy" Robertson.  There are even open boats!  Eli Helbert's gold run is here.  Warning: Contains some Nudity)

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2000 Ohiopyle Race


(2 tape set)

This is unedited footage of the practice runs and race on 9/30/2000 & 10/1/2000.  I haven't timed it, but they are 120 minute tapes & the first one is full.  Some really good runs are here along with a bunch of bad ones.  My favorite is when the kayak wipes out, rolls up, and gets stuffed under the tethered rescue raft while the "rescuer" looks like he can't figure out what to do about it.



List $24.95  Yours for $22.95

Footage from a bunch of major freestyle whitewater rodeo events.  Good camera work, good paddling, and unique music.  Everybody who's anybody in the freestyle world is in this tape.

The Players


Immersion Research

Triple Crown 2000

List $16.95  Yours for $15.95

Tons of great freestyle action from IR's 2000 competition.  The venues are Rock Island, Nolichucky and Watauga.



Retail $19.95 Yours for $18.95

An old (1996), but educational tape on Freestyle whitewater rodeo.   

includes Eric Jackson, Corran Addison, Chris Spelius, Risa Shimoda Callaway, Bob McDonough, Arnd Schaeftlain.




1999 World Rodeo Kayak Championship

50 minutes - $21.95

Watch the best freestyle boater in the world compete in Ngaawapurua, New Zealand, from 12/1/99 - 12/6/99.   This covers everything from the preliminaries to the finals in the open boat, squirt, men's and women's divisions.  Nicely edited to keep the pace up, you can see the latest moves demonstrated.



Grin Factor 10
OhioPyle Falls Race 1999


Compiled by the illustrious Rick Gusic, this covers the first legal boating over Ohiopyle Falls on the Lower Youghiogheny.  All the grace and carnage of this short race is included along with interviews of participants and the local Rangers.

1546 Rosewood Circle., # 1R
Marietta GA 30067
(678)560-8076 (9:00am-5:00pm est.)